Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Attack of the KILLER Gourds in Arizona


Attack of the Killer Gourds…coming to your town!

They will be coming in shades of purple, green, red, yellow and some will be BIG, some small, some FAT, some skinny, some funny and some unexplainable.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let them into your homes (they multiply when you aren’t looking)!


Whew, you don’t have to be afraid of the killer gourds because George and I went to the annual Gourd Festival in Casa Grande, AZ  and discovered so many things about gourds that will make you feel safe again!

 When I told George I wanted to go to the Gourd Festival I thought he wouldn’t want to go but he is a trooper and wanted to check it out.  It didn’t hurt that I mentioned there would be hot dogs and fry bread there. I really think he enjoyed the festival more than me…if that is possible.

First off, there is a very large farm in Casa Grande - Wuertz Gourd Farms www.wuertzfarms.com that grows gourds and sells them to all the crazy people who paint, carve, chip, embellish and then display them in their yards, homes and even RV’s.  Once a year they hold this festival to sell and show gourd as artistic items.
Big ones, little ones, every size and shape you can imagine!

The main attraction was the big hall that had all the entries for the prize of either a first, second and third place ribbon.
This was the Grand Prize winner for the show:

Here are some of my favorites:


Now are you still afraid of gourds or do you want to add some to your home, yard or RV?  From the many people we talked to at the festival it can become addictive to buy just one and start designing on it, which leads to more, and more and more!  Buyer beware!

Happy Travels,
Peggy (and George & Coco)