Monday, May 5, 2014

Universal Studios - Orlando, Florida

What do you do on a coolish, cloudy, rainy day in Florida?  Why go to a fun place to hang out with 50,000 other strangers having a fun time in a fantasy world.  It sure worked for George and me.
Universal Studios in Orlando is NO Disney World but it fills a spot in the tourist world of lots of roller coasters, cartoon characters and movie memorabilia.   The park is separated into two separate parks.  First one we entered was Universal’s Island of Adventure.  While walking through we saw Doctor Seuss Land, The Lost Continent, Jurassic Park, Doctor, Marvel Super Hero Island, Lucille Ball memorabilia museum, Despicable Me parade, Sponge Bob parade and miles and miles of gift shops, restaurants and photo opportunities. 

My main goal was to get to Wizarding World of Harry Potter before all the crazy tourists got there first.  The most popular ride is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  After loading onto little seats we were whisked off to see Harry Potter and friends in the castle while flying through the air, speeding after Harry and friends on broomsticks via modern 3D imagery.  Waiting 60 minutes for a four minute ride….will you question my sanity?

We passed this Butter Beer wagon and had to have some, of course.  Do you want to know what butter beer tastes like?  Of course you do, it actually is cream soda with whipped cream on the top…now you know.

 We also passed up going on the Jurassic Park River Adventure.  Can you figure out why?  The high for the day was only 67 degrees and the sign at the entrance said “YOU WILL GET WET”….no brainer in that quick decision after looking at the boat being totally drenched.

Then we were off to Universal Studios Florida side of the park.  If you like roller coasters, this is the place to throw up.  Everywhere we turned there was another one with lines of crazy people waiting to be tossed and turned upside down and sideways.  In my younger years I would have been one of those crazy people for sure…but my stomach just can’t take it anymore…darn.

Next it was off to the ride about how disaster movies are made with volunteers from the audience helping in the fun and then on to Transformers saving the day 3D adventure; we were experiencing all they could throw at us.  My favorite attraction on this side of the park was the Horror Make-up Show.  We sat watching old horror film clips of what horror was like starting in the 30’s to the present day.  Then they had performers come out and show us how they can cut a person’s arm off, including blood, without hurting her (volunteer out of the audience).  The performers were also comedians which made the show quite enjoyable and turned out to be my favorite in the whole park.

We ended the day with pouring rain (we had brought our raincoats and umbrellas, so we were doing great) so we decided to go to the Despicable Me Ride. 
Mercy, it took us 80 minutes to go through that line for a five minute ride.  The 3D ride was very charming while sitting in a car that giggled and rocked back and forth while watching a video in front of us.  It can’t get any cuter than three adorable little girls, bright yellow Minions with goggles entertaining us.
I am sure our children and grandchildren are totally embarrassed!

Stick a fork in me though….I was done for the day and it was getting dark.  Both of our spirits may be young but our bodies didn't get that memo.

Will we go back again…probably not.  It really is a place you want to experience with children or grandchildren but it was great to spend a day being a kid at heart. What a great place for us old folks to experience living one day without a care in the world except trying to decide what souvenir we wanted to buy, what rides to be thrilled on or how to stop the evil villains from destroying the world.

Happy travels,
Peggy (and George and Coco)

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