Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Badlands, South Dakota

How do you picture the Badlands of South Dakota? Maybe hot, dry, dusty, even baron was my vision, more like Death Valley

The Badlands however rises out of the prairie floor mounting into pointed peaks and valleys. 

In valleys amongst its peaks are green grassy spots with sunflowers.

The visitor’s road twists up and through different shapes. The Badlands over the years developed massive earth layers like those in Utah but not as bright with the red and white strips. Valleys with large farms reach to the feet of the Badland mounts

Pentacle Peak is the highest point in the park and can be seen for miles before reaching it


All types of animals survive in this desert climate; like this spider I found in the grass near one of the overlooks.

I don’t know if Peggy was going to fly or just point out the vastness of the Badlands or just pointing to one of her favorite pointed peaks again.

There are paths that lead out to the edge of the points and this couple had found a quiet moment to share.

Water had cut moguls in the one of the valleys and water was running from an earlier shower on the day we viewed them. Vine weed was in bloom in one of the valleys.


On our return trip the peaks appeared higher with less red colors on the Westside of the park.
As we scoped out the roads for Kemosby (our RV) climb the next day we could see the southern farmlands and the vast rolling plains. Everything looked green, even the thistle were blooming along with other plants.
Last of the day we made it down to the Prairie Grassland Museum to see what life might have been like in the farm lands of South Dakota in the early 1900’s.

Safe travels through your Badlands,

George McGaughey (with Peggy & Coco)
Happy Feet RV Travels   

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